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"Christine is an exceptional conduit to healing. Her intuitive ability to identify and focus on the real issue at hand is a gift. She has a great balance of wisdom, love and compassion along with a steely determination to get to the bottom of the problem.

I cannot tell you how many times myself, or my children, had some physical issue going on or we just felt “off" and by working with Christine we were able to identify the issue (emotions), then move through it.

It is truly amazing how physical pain can dissipate all by working through the emotions utilizing EFT and her other modalities. As long as you are open to the process and desire full healing, Christine can take it from there as she expertly works with you. What is also great about working with Christine is that the core/root cause of your issue is being addressed. This is definitely a bandaid free zone." ~ C.M, MI

Why “Practical” practitioner?  

Energy formed the Universe and everything in it, including us. We are energy incarnate, vibrations condensed into physical matter. Human beings are comprised of multiple dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All parts of our being are interconnected and designed to work together. When stress or illness have us down for the count, we feel it in some way and usually in more than one way. Practical, sustainable solutions to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges must address the whole being. 

Aggravated Stress Creates "Dis-ease"

You love to run. It feels good to work your body; it feels good to create that mental clarity of the "runner's high"; and because you feel so good, your mood is balanced and positive. One day, as you are running, that rambunctious puppy gets loose (again) and you swerve to avoid a collision. “Pop!” goes your meniscus, and you are out of commission for several months. Physically, you are in pain. Emotionally, with no release valve, tension grows rapidly. Mentally, you feel foggy. Spiritually, you yearn for the connectedness you feel when you run with the sun on your body, listening to the trees rustle and smelling the freshness of cut grass. What started as a physical ailment quickly derailed your entire being.

Now, swap the physical problem with an emotional problem. You love your job. Your work is meaningful, rewarding, and supports you in all the right ways. Life is good! Unexpectedly, your company downsizes and you are laid-off. Fear, anger, resentment, and frustration – and a slew of other emotions – occupy your mind day and night. Mentally, you are overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do next. Will I have enough money to last me until my next job? Physically, you find yourself feeling run-down and frazzled. You stop working out due to fatigue. You fall ill. The negative emotions caused by your lay-off create blocks in the other dimensions of your being, and are starting to uproot your life.

Sustainable Health Solutions

There is overwhelming evidence that chronic conditions (including pain) can be triggered by emotional stress. Worse, emotional stress can also prevent theraputic interventions from being effective. Stress prevents vibrant health and well-being – and EFT is designed to eradicate stress directly at its root. To learn more about how you can learn quick, effective, and free EFT techniques to change your health for the better, connect with Christine to schedule an appointment and check out the Resources page.